Getting Started with Wiring-x86

Here are some easy instructions to get you up and running with the module.


The module supports these platforms:

The original YOCTO Linux OS provided by Intel® must be used. For more information on how to get this software go to Intel® Makers site. This module will only work with that combination of boards and OS since it uses specific Intel® GPIO driver sysfs interface.

The module also requires Python 2.7 which is installed as standard on.

Installing Wiring-x86

The first step is to install the Wiring-x86 module. There are several ways to do this.

Installing from a tarball

When using the original YOCTO Linux distribution provided with the board this is the easiest method to get the module installed. A tarball of the latest code can be downloaded from GitHub as follows:

$ curl -O -L

Install it as follows:

$ tar zxvf master.tar.gz
$ cd wiring-x86-master/
$ sudo python install

Cloning from GitHub

The Wiring-x86 source code and bug tracker is in the wiring-x86 repository on GitHub.

You can clone the repository and install from it as follows:

$ git clone
$ cd wiring-x86
$ sudo python install

Using PIP

If available on your system, use pip installer to get the package from PyPI, the Python Package Index:

$ sudo pip install wiring-x86

Using Easy_Install

If pip isn’t available on your system then easy_install may be:

$ sudo easy_install wiring-x86

Running a sample program

The wiring-x86 repository and tarball includes several example programs. There are also shown in the Examples section.